Plasterboard & Accessories

Plasterboard is used as an internal lining board to provide smooth, strong, long-lasting walls and ceilings for homes, offices, hospitals, hostels for the aged, schools, shops and factories. We provide a range of plasterboard & associate products to get the job done. Our major suppliers include CSR (“Gyprock”) & Crystal.

  • CSR Gyprock
  • CSR Aquachek
  • CSR Supaceil
  • CSR Soundchek
  • CSR Gyprock Cornice
  • Jointing Compounds & Adhesives
  • Plasterboard Tools & Accessories
We carry the following CSR Gyprock sheet sizes in stock.

• 1200mm x 2400mm
• 1200mm x 2400mm
• 1200mm x 2700mm
• 1200mm x 3000mm
• 1200mm x 3600mm

• 1200mm x 2400mm
• 1200mm x 3000mm

We can also provide with all other sheet sizes as well as other Gyprock sheet products such as:
• Supaceil – specially formulated for use in ceilings
• Soundchek – providing enhanced acoustic insulation
• Aquachek – for use in wet areas

We stock the following cover cornice sizes/lengths:
• 3000mm
• 3600mm
• 4800mm

• 3000
• 3600
• 4800

We can also order other cornice profiles for you from the CSR range. Contact us for more information or pricing.

When it comes to plasterboard jointing compounds and adhesives we have you covered. We stock CSR Gyprock and Crystal brands of:
• Stud Adhesive
• Basecoat
• Topcoat
• Cornice Cement
• Joint Cement
• Casting Plaster
• Hardwall Plaster
When it comes to plasterboard tools and accessories, we have you covered:
• External angles
• Arch beads
• Joint tape – mesh & paper
• Broad knives
• Corner trowels
• Small tool
• Plasterers hawks
• Electric and hand sanders
• Sand paper (including disks, sheets, belts)
• Plasterboard screws
• Plasterboard nails

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