Concrete Mesh & Accessories

We supply a range of concrete reinforcing solutions for the trade including steel mesh & bar, bar chairs & concreting accessories. Our major supplier is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of steel reinforcing products to the building and construction industries.

Products available:

  • Steel Mesh
  • Steel Trench Mesh
  • Steel Bar (Plain & Deformed)
  • Steel Bar Stirrups
  • Steel & Plastic Bar Chairs (Including Bases)
  • Expansion Joint
  • Plastic (Polyethylene) Concrete Underlay
  • Other Concreting Accessories
• F62 (aka RF62 or SL82)
• F72 (aka RF72 or SL72)
• F82 (aka RF82 or SL82)
• Sheet size 6.0m x 2.4m
• Available in half sheets
• Other sizes available
We supply the following steel trench mesh products:
• 8TM200
• 8TM300
• 11TM200
• 11TM300

All products are supplied 6.0m lengths. We can cut to size for you.

We supply the following steel reinforcing bar products:

• R10
• R12
• R16

• Y10
• Y12
• Y16

We supply the following steel stirrup sizes:
• 100mm x 200mm
• 150mm x 200mm
• 150mm x 300mm
• 150mm x 400mm
• 200mm x 200mm
• 200mm x 300mm
• 250mm x 200mm
• 250mm x 300mm
• 250mm x 400mm
• 300mm x 300mm
• 300mm x 400mm
• 350mm x 200mm
• 350mm x 400mm
We supply the following bar chair sizes:

• 25mm
• 50mm
• 75mm
• 90mm
• 100mm

• 25/40
• 50/65
• 75/90
• 85/100

We supply the following expansion joint products:

Foamjoint (available in the following sizes)
• 50mm x 10mm x 25m
• 75mm x 10mm x 25m
• 125mm x 10mm x 25m
• 150mm x 10mm x 25m
• 200mm x 10mm x 25m
• 250mm x 10mm x 25m
• 50mm x 10mm x 6m
• 75mm x 10mm x 6m
• 100mm x 10mm x 6m
• 150mm x 10mm x 6m

Adhesive Foamjoint (Available in the following sizes)
• 75mm x 10mm x 25m
• 100mm x 10mm x 25m
• 150mm x 10mm x 25m
• 250mm x 10mm x 25m

Expansion Joint (Bitumen, aka “Conform”)
• 75mm x 10mm x 2.4m
• 100mm x 10mm X 2.4m
• 150mm x 10mm x 2.4m

Biyseal (Bitumen Impregnated Foam)
• 25mm X 25mm x 2m
• 50mm x 50mm x 2m

We supply the following polyethylene film rolls:

100 Micron (UM)
• 2m x 5m (Black, Clear)
• 2m x 10m (Black, Clear)
• 2m x 20m (Black, Clear)
• 2m x 50m (Clear)

200 Micron (UM)
• 2m x 5m (Orange)
• 2m x10m (Orange)
• 2m x 20m (Orange)
• 2m x 50m (Black, Orange)

400 Micron (UM)
• 4m x 50m (Black, Orange)

• Annealed Tie Wire (Belt Packs)
• Rod Ties
• Wire Tying Tools
• Backing Rods
• Concreting Tools

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